Appleton Business Development, LLC

Appleton Business Development, LLC, has the expertise and the structure to build your firms business. Led by Kenneth L Brickner, see bio, Appleton Business Development is the premier business development firm serving the Legal, Medical, Energy, and Real Estate and Corporate Finance sectors. Mr. Brickner has over 30 years experience in Corporate Sales and Business Development. Ken has the innovation and global reach to build successful collaborations, in the Firm’s expert areas of commerce, to develop sales and business growth.

Law Firms in different markets in North America, Europe and Asia have turned to Appleton to build out their practice and corporate client base. The increasing globalization of the practice of law requires lawyers to bring top rated firms such as Appleton to help small and medium size law firms grow and diversify their practice. 

Medical Practices, Hospitals, Third Party Administrators, ERISA  Plans, Health Care Carriers and National Health Service providers need firms such as Appleton to help them navigate the rising cost of health care and the most cost effective means of delivering medical services. Ken Brickner has led the Appleton team of global experts in providing transactional solutions for the equitable distribution of delivery of medical services to the consumer. The Appleton solution has led to innovation and answers to the crisis hitting this sector.

Energy Firms are facing an over competitive market and an increasing risk factor from environmental regulations and climate change litigation. The end user of varied energy products are demanding low carbon energy sources in order to provide a risk mitigation strategy to the users foot print.

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