The roles and responsibilities of the Business Developer include many sales and marketing type activities. The Business Developer must have an imagination that enables him or her to understand the potential of a business opportunity and make a decision if it is worthy of investing time into. If the opportunity is included in the pipeline the business developer must keep the opportunity moving forward toward generation of revenue. The business developer communicates with the team and includes the feedback from the team into the process of revenue generation for the specific opportunity, the business developer takes advantage and puts to good use the other team member’s knowledge and skill sets. Some examples of specific business developer’s activities are Marketing, sales, follow up, prospecting, sales investigation, research and much more.

One of the crucial roles of the business developer is to answer a very important question, how and when do we make money on this business opportunity? The business developer must outline the process or roadmap for the business opportunity and guide the opportunity from beginning to the end and closure of the business opportunity. The business developer is a seasoned business person who has been intimately involved in both success and the ability to bounce back from the not so productive opportunities. The business developer is very flexible and open minded. The business developer must ensure that the team stays on track and does not get off on the wrong track. Follow up is a key skill of the business developer; he must keep the key opportunities in the pipeline moving forward. The business developer is capitalistic in mind who is concerned about investing time and money so an economic gain can be achieved.




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