The Energy sector is often a tale of two cities. Some companies are doing really well and other companies are struggling against fluctuating prices for such energy sources as coal, electricity, gas and even oil.
The uneasiness in this sector is exacerbated by carbon emission legislation and climate change litigation.
Coal companies and energy generation companies that use coal are particularly vulnerable to shifting market needs, and climate change related legislation and litigation. The need to develop their business to include the steady production and supply of biomass based green coal that can be used in offsetting Co- Firing platforms is the key to these companies survival.
Our expert team at Appleton will help Coal Companies and Generation companies develop the biomass, green coal supply side management that is needed for a successful deployment.
Oil & Gas companies can turn to Appleton Business Development to build out their Exploration and Production business. We have worked with the best team of experts to create tremendous opportunities to lower the capital expenditures for E&P platforms.

Ken Brickner’s experience in Energy Firms Business Development is best documented through the following case study.
“My name is Rick Burant. I have been involved in the Business Development field for various companies for over 25 years. I have created and developed marketing and business plans for Energy Technologies that allowed end users greater control of their energy consumption. I have developed marketing and sales programs for hydrogen development platforms. I have worked with Ken Brickner on many of Business Development Projects over the past 25 years. Ken knows how to build out an Energy Company. He knows how to build the transactional teams needed to help deploy the business development of an Energy company.
He is not afraid to take on tough assignments. There was a particularly difficult build out he had in the New York Market. A small Energy Efficiency Firm was trying to build out an Energy Efficiency project for a large cable company that carried critical load for local 911 applications. Ken had the team implement a smart metering program. However the cost of the program created a potential deal killer. Ken uses his resources to integrate Demand Response into the project. The cost of the Energy Efficiency was offset by the stream of income earned on the Enforced Capacity Market. However another deal killer surfaced, the end users corporate lawyers were concerned about the liability that might occur in the Demand Response portion of the deal. Ken reacted without missing a beat and worked with an Energy lawyer to create a Third Party assumption of the liability in a brokerage arrangement. The deal was closed and the business was developed.

If you have an Energy Business, you will want to bring Ken on board. He will develop your company’s business, even in the uncertain times that our industry faces.



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