The US consumer has many choices for health care services. The development of world class hospitals and International Standards for Medial Doctors and Health Care professionals has created market solutions to the rising cost of health care. However the challenge for ERISA Plans, Employer Sponsored Plans, Third Party Administrators and Health Insurance carriers is, how can they navigate the competing interest that mark the delivery of health care services to the consumer.

Here at Appleton we help the Health Care Industry develop their business and help the consumer increase their treatment options.

Please find the following case study  :

My name is Gerard L. Keogh. I am an attorney with the law firm of The Keogh Law Group, PLLC. We are headquartered out of the Empire State Building in New York City. Our partners in Asia and Europe brought the firm an opportunity to represent a medical firm looking to build out an overseas delivery platform in the US. In examining the scope of the assignment, there were several business applications that had to develop on a global base. In the US, we needed a solid Business Developer that had the expertise to develop business for Start Ups in the Health Care industry. Appleton Business Development was the obvious choice for us. We had worked with Ken Brickner in the past and knew him to be the extraordinary Business Development Professional who was up to the task at hand.

Ken did not disappoint us. He immediately began to build out the entrepreneurial team in the US. Our overseas partners were amazed at the skills and speed at which Ken was operating for this complicated build out.

Our client saved development money in Due Diligence cost due to the level of expertise Ken was able to bring to the team.

We were able to navigate costly steps in the exploratory investigation stage of the Due Diligence because Ken had assembled key players in the Health Care delivery space.

Most impressive to our team was the resilient Ken's team portray in overcoming the business development blockades that slow down transactions. His cool hand at the wheel of his development team, help us bring the medical firm to the market pursuant to our charge.

If you are in the Health Care sector and you need to develop your business, Appleton Business Development, LLC is in our opinion the firm of choice. GLOBAL HEALTH CARE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT



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