Lawyers have spent years studying and training in the academics and the demanding practice of law. The vast majority of lawyers embrace the notion that a profession is not a business enterprise. They prefer researching the law and preparing documents for Litigation or Transactions.

Lawyers are not trained in sales and marketing. The few that enter this arena without the steady guidance of a business development professional, usually fall into 1 800 scenario that has caused controversy within the legal profession and society in general.

Appleton’s roots in law firm business development run deep into the early days of Ken Brickner's Sales Career.

Ken developed the formula of synergies between lawyers and corporations and corporate officers. Appleton has deployed those Business Development strategies in building lawyer's practices.

Appleton prides itself on our close ties to our clients. As Ken is always saying about our lawyers, "their needs are our needs".

At Appleton, we like our actions to spell louder than words. Here is what one of our clients' has to say :

" My name is Gerard McCabe and I am the managing attorney at FG McCabe & Associates, PLLC. I first met Ken Brickner 8 years ago. I was a single practitioner and had a real estate brokerage based in New York City. My practice was prosperous and firmly rooted in commercial litigation and transaction. My Real Estate brokerage was also quite successful and blessed to be rooted in the NYC commercial real estate market. I was also a commercial tenant in premier New York City buildings. I knew first hand that energy cost was the additional rent and in effect a hidden tax on real estate operations and transactions. I was always focused on the cost of energy and the relationship between cost and the supply side of energy sources. This point was driven home to me during the Great Northeast Blackout of 2003. I was in midtown Manhattan conducting a deposition when the blackout hit. I had to walk home to the far eastern part of New York City. It took close to two hours to get from one part of the city to another. I decided to investigate the energy field. I retained a law firm that practiced in the energy sector. I proceeded to enter into a merger with a Real Estate Development Company. The goal of the merger was to build out an Energy Firm. The professional we relied on to help turn a Real Estate firm into an Energy Firm was Ken Brickner. Ken was so successful in developing the energy firm's business for us. I admire his tenacious loyalty and dedicated hard work that helped our start up Energy Firm survive the Great Recession and build out a powerful pipeline.  I turned my law practice over to Ken's Appleton Business Development Company. I was able to build an Energy practice thanks to my work with Ken. Appleton was able to leverage their good will to facilitate / transact negotiations with law firms and lawyers across the globe. This strategy was put in place because I discussed with Ken and his associates my desire to take the firm from a NY commercial litigation/transaction firm to an International law firm that would have the ability to increase business by expanding the practice into Intellectual Property, Health Care and expanding the energy practice.  I also needed to develop the law firm infrastructure in order to accommodate the new practice areas.  Appleton helped facilitate meetings with potential law firms and I negotiated the terms of collaboration. The process took less than 12 months. I now manage a global law firm with over 25 lawyers with offices in New York, California, London, Belfast, and Pune, India. I have a tremendous Health Care practice, robust international Energy practice and a stellar Intellectual Law Practice. We will continue to work with Appleton to grow our business". Please visit my website and see for yourself the success of Appleton Business Development, LLC.[FGM website]



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Appleton Business Development, LLC, has the expertise and the structure to build your firms business. Led by Kenneth L Brickner, see bio, Appleton Business Development is the premier business development firm serving the Legal, Medical, Energy, and Real Estate and Corporate Finance sectors.... Read details
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