Kenneth Brickner has successfully developed business and provided sales platforms on a global basis. Mr. Brickner enjoyed a successful career in the US Navy. His administration skills and global education on the world stage served as the beginning tools for his confident global business development business. After his impressive tutelage with the US Navy, Mr. Brickner finished his preparation for his career in marketing and sales with studies at the University of Wisconsin.

Mr. Brickner’s entrée into the world of marketing and sales commenced in 1976 as a young salesmen. He learned and mastered the need to set and meet monthly and yearly sales goals. He created dynamic sales pipelines which drove successful closing of transactions; which created the corporate lifeline of cash receivables. After a successful career in Sales, Mr. Brickner moved into Sales Management. He supervised sales teams and departments. He trained sales professionals and he created corporate sales goals and placed initiative- driving pipelines that led to transactional closings.

In 1997, Mr Brickner was tapped to build out the global business development of a growing energy information firm. As a growing firm in an unsettled field, marketing and sales budgets were constant challenges to Mr. Brickner. However his creative and expert business development plans helped his company earn millions of dollars in sales. The ability to build business development plans that succeeded on a global scale in the Energy sector proved to be a model for companies that were start- ups or constrained by operational cost.

In 2007, a US energy information firm retained Mr. Brickner to build market model that would allow utilities to solve customer service problems and develop solutions for customer management. However, Mr. Brickner’s business development skills were noticed by New York Law Firms and US Financial Firms that needed to build out their business development plans. Project build outs and financial analysis for market breach and sales pipeline development were created by Mr. Brickner and the teams of developers, engineer’s lawyers and bankers that he led. Transactional business development is the specialty that Mr. Brickner mastered.

In 2012, Mr. Brickner launched the Appleton Business Development firm. This boutique firm serves the Legal, Medical, Energy, Real Estate and Corporate Finance in creating innovative and expertly drafted business development plans. Global Hospitals and US Medical Service Delivery firms turned to Mr. Brickner and the global medical team and legal team he assembled to build out the Marketing and Sales platform needed to create transaction pipelines for market growth.

Large International Real Estate Firms looking to increase market share have turned to Mr. Brickner’s team. They know that in a constrained Real Estate market, Appleton Business Development can provide the crucial pipeline for sales with innovative transactional build outs.

Due to the overwhelming demand from corporations looking for ways to finance their business, as the banks continue to sit on finance facilities, Mr. Brickner has opened a Corporate Finance Division here at Appleton Business Development, LLC.

If you’re a Medical Practice or Hospital, Law Firm, Energy Company, Real Estate Firm, or a Corporation looking to diversify or develop the Firm’s financing, contact Ken Brickner.



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