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Appleton Business Development,, is a US based company that US based companies in the medtech and pharmaceutical industries turn to the build out their business and increase value.

Connect Ireland,, is an Irish based company that the Irish Government relies on to assist companies in the Medtech and Pharmaceutical industries achieve growth and value in one of the global centers of the Medtech and Pharmaceutical Industries, Ireland.

Appleton Business Development has teamed with Connect Ireland to help US Medtech and Pharmaceutical companies grow and develop new global markets.

The teaming of ABD and CI is designed to provide small and mid-sized Pharmaceutical Companies to take advantage of the economic benefits of relocation to Ireland and provide the end to end services required to relocate in a very smooth fashion. Read More



Upcoming Event

Appleton business development presents an exclusive conference for the pharmacuetical, medtech and med equipment industries on September 16 and 18, 2014. Only five companies will be chosen to attend the conference in New York and Chicago. Read More


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  • 2010 West Wisconsin Avenue,
    Appleton Wisconsin 54914
  • 414 - 788 -7278

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Appleton Business Development, LLC, has the expertise and the structure to build your firms business. Led by Kenneth L Brickner, see bio, Appleton Business Development is the premier business development firm serving the Legal, Medical, Energy, and Real Estate and Corporate Finance sectors.... Read details
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