As banks retracted from the debt markets and equity investors continue to sit on the sidelines, we here at Appleton expended a great deal of time finding corporate finance solutions for our clients. We had to jump in and find these solutions, because our clients need help and the banks were nowhere to be found.
We would have hoped that credit will be more available to corporate operations by now, but the fact is many corporations are still struggling to procure operating capital.
We see the need and we are ready to help provide solutions to Corporate Finance. In 2013, Appleton Business Development will launce it Corporate Finance Brokerage.

We will offer Asset Base Finance opportunities with the following facilities.
• Receivable Factoring Services.
• Purchase Order Finance.
• Creation of B to B Manufacturing Financing Programs.

We have the Corporate Finance solutions for your company. Appleton knows that Marketing and Sales of your firm’s products often meet the deal killer stage because the potential customer cannot afford the direct buy. Pipelines grow cold because they cannot be monetized. We know how to monetize the pipelines.
Startups and cash starved companies are often frustrated with the facts of life that they cannot participate in a bid or RFP because they cannot prosecute a Purchase Order due to their inability to obtain the necessary financing. We have created facilities for qualifying transactions.
We are excited about the opportunity to help you grow your business with our finance facilities. Our brokerage has been designed in the Appleton model, “WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU GROW AND PROSPER.”



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